Why Choose MCG ...
Attention to detail has always been natural for me.
Over 20 years of experience in every aspect of bookkeeping.

  • A/R Collection Services: Enjoy talking with clients concerning their outstanding accounts, discussing their needs and help finding solutions.
  • Experienced and professional bookkeeping as well as government remittances processing and filing.
  • Willingness to work with client, to become more comfortable with bookkeeping processes and requirements. Analysis of financial statements, to help clarify how your financial picture is evolving.
  • Enjoy being with people, will travel to clients offices or home with great flexibility in regard to appointments etc. and finally I thoroughly enjoy all that is involved with bookkeeping.

The shoe box method can work, but there are better methods out there waiting for you.
Let’s transform your box of receipts into a computerized bookkeeping system that will bring clarity to your numbers.  Your numbers will emerge in a calm, legible way that will give real meaning to them.

Whether you decide to introduce and maintain your own set of bookkeeping practices,
using computerized bookkeeping system, I will be there to actively participate in helping you to grow in understanding and become savvy with your bookkeeping practices in an energetic and fun easy way. Bringing clarity and transparency to your financial records, is like developing a solution to a complex puzzle that might have eluded you in the past.  Accounting made easy in a method that has been proven over and over again should be a positive discovery, not something that concerns you.

With an accurate and complete set of books that provide monthly financial statements,
you will be prepared for tax time at year end and know exactly how your business is doing.  Where should you cut costs?  Where can I increase revenue?  How can I grow my company?  Does my financial position allow for expansion?  You can accurately project future sales and expenses for budgeting purposes as well when you have some previous history recorded in a set of bookkeeping records.  Seeing your numbers in black and white will enable you to clearly see the financial snapshot of your company.